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Going Green Doesn't Mean Going Slow

Electric and hybrid cars are all about saving money – or are they? Plenty of automakers are offering electric cars and hybrids that not only shun gas stations, they sneer as they blast by them.

There's really no faster way to win drivers over to electric cars than to put them behind the wheel of a high-performance machine that will pin them to the back of their seats, and do it in complete silence. Several of these hybrids and electrics are purpose-built sports cars, though a few are practical enough to use every day.

A few are all-electric, though most are plug-in hybrids that can only go a few miles on electricity before they have to depend on their powerful gas engines. Some are straight hybrids that use their electric systems to spread the load and be more efficient. Those may not get you impressive gas mileage, but at least you don't have to be ashamed when you arrive at the red carpet in front of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Here are the nine fastest green cars – or the greenest fast cars – on the market: 

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