2017 Honda CR-V vs. 2017 Ford Escape: Head to Head

2017 Ford Escape
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Winner: 2017 Ford Escape (Details Below)

The CR-V was the winner of our coveted 2017 Best Compact SUV for the Money award. It starts at $24,045 and comes well-equipped. For $26,695, you can step up to the EX trim. Two other trims, the EX-L and the Touring, start at $29,195 and $32,395, respectively. Check all the boxes and you’re looking at about $38,000.

The base Escape starts at $23,750, which is about average for the class. There are two other trims, the SE and Titanium, starting at $25,250 and $29,250. If you load up the Escape, choose the all-wheel drive option, and move up to the most powerful engine option, it will cost you around $38,000. 

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