Great 2017 Vehicles That Seat Three Car Seats Across

Chrysler Town & Country
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What We Looked For

The narrowest child seats measure almost 15 inches across; 20 inches is more typical. That means a car needs to have at least 45 inches, and preferably 60 inches of hip and shoulder room in the second row – the more the better. Even then, most cars have LATCH anchors only in the outer seats, making the center seat very difficult to install, and making it more prone to wiggle loose.

Since the center rear seat is the farthest from danger in any accident, it’s the safest place to install a child seat, so we think it should have the safest system. We turned to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) for a list of the cars that offer three sets of LATCH anchors in the second row. The seven vehicles below are the only ones that have enough width and enough anchors to hold three child seats across where parents can easily reach them: 

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