10 Great Vehicles That Easily Fit Three Car Seats Across

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Finding the Best Vehicles for Three Car Seats Is No Easy Task

When searching for a new car, it’s common to find out much head- and legroom it has in each row. This makes sense since people want to know if they’re going to fit comfortably. While manufacturers also provide the width of each row in the form of hip and shoulder room measurements, people don’t likely pay as much attention to these numbers. However, if you’re looking for a car that can accommodate three car seats across a single row, the car’s width is a critical metric.

Even if a car has a relatively narrow second row, three average-sized people can probably squeeze in and get buckled up if needed, at least for short trips. When it comes to three car seats, it’s a different story. If a car isn’t wide enough to accommodate the car seats, you won’t be able to close the doors. In addition, if the seats are a tight fit, it may be almost impossible to install them and to get your kids buckled in. 

The average car seat is 15 to 20 inches wide, so you’ll need a row that has 45 to 60 inches of hip and shoulder room to fit three car seats across. It’s best to have extra space, so we chose vehicles that offer between 55 and 66 inches of hip and shoulder room.

In order to put three car seats in one row, you need three sets of LATCH child-seat connectors. A handful of vehicles have three full sets of connectors in a single row, but it’s more common for a car to have a full set of LATCH connectors on the two outboard seats, and only an upper tether anchor for the middle seat. If a vehicle only has two rows, you’re stuck with whatever the setup allows. However, with a three-row vehicle, you have more options if you decide to move a car seat out of the second row. For that reason, many of the vehicles on our list have three rows of seats.

Due to the many variables, be sure to take your car seats with you to the dealership. It’s important not only to confirm that they fit, but also to assure that the LATCH configuration will suffice with your various car seat types.

Continue reading to learn about a variety of excellent cars, SUVs, and minivans that easily fit three car seats across.

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