2008 GMC Canyon Interior

$4,464 - $9,111

2008 GMC Canyon Interior Review

Note: This interior review was created when the 2008 GMC Canyon was new.


Interior: 6.7

Substandard materials detract from the interior of the GMC Canyon, which, even for a pickup truck, isn't very accommodating. As a result, the GMC's cabin places fourth out of six-ranked compact pickups. The Detroit Free Press writes, "Overall, the GMC Canyon offers very good mechanical systems, but its interior room and materials should be better."

The amount of room depends upon the body style, with regular cabs seating three, extended cabs seating five, and crew cabs seating six. "Inside, the Canyon is functional at best," decides the Wall Street Journal. "We thought the vast areas of hard plastic could have been made a little softer, or at least molded with nicer texture." Some reviewers think functional is good enough. U.S. News reviewer Rick Newman writes, "GM has improved its interiors enough that the Canyon is as comfy as a basic sedan -- nothing fancy, but durable enough."


Regular cab models seat three passengers on a bench seat. Extended cab models add two rear jump seats accessible through rear-hinged back doors, while crew cabs add a folding rear bench accessible through two conventional rear doors. Reviewer opinion is mixed and inconsistent regarding both comfort and aesthetics. The Detroit Free Press reports, "The cloth-covered front seats were comfortable. The material felt fine, but looked a little down-market." Kelley Blue Book is more generous, saying, "The seats offer firm bottoms and good lumbar support, and the cloth fabric is both durable and comfortable."

"The front bench seat," claims U.S. News reviewer Rick Newman, "is flat, soft, and uncomfortable." Car and Driver, however, argues, "The front seat remains comfortable for all-day grinds," while conceding that the "seatback is slightly overpadded." Consumer Guide deems the middle space in the front seat "for occasional use only," while the Detroit Free Press explains that the bench can "accommodate three snugly with the center armrest folded into the seat back." A reviewer for the Detroit News complains, "My one grouse has to do with the driver's seat, which lacked sufficient lateral support. I hate that feeling that you're crushing the side bolsters when the truck heels over in a sharp turn."

The back seat of the extended cab, writes Consumer Guide, "best suits preteens," while adults in the jump seats "lack leg room even if" the front seats are "pushed well forward." New Car Test Drive reports that the extended cab "is large enough to orient the back seats facing forward, so no one will have to endure the pain of sideways-mounted seats," but warns, "don't expect them to be comfortable," calling the back seat "too cramped for anyone but Munchkins on relatively short jaunts." The crew cab, with its rear bench, is more spacious in back -- enough so that the Kansas City Star decides, "Three people can sit in the back seat, although it would be a bit crowded." The Detroit Free Press complains about the "overly upright seat back that offsets the comfort provided by acceptable legroom."

Interior Features

Reviewers generally like the layout of the Canyon's dash. Kelley Blue Book says it's "highly functional, with all the gauges and controls within clear sight and easy reach of the driver." The Arizona Republic says it looks "rugged, with a simplicity that I found appealing." A reviewer for the Detroit News voices a few complaints: "Three things bothered me about the Canyon's cabin. There were no lighted or covered vanity mirrors. Also, the old-style column-mounted shifter feels primitive and old-fashioned. And I found the heated seat switches hard to reach on the outsides of the seats." Car and Driver reports, "Audio quality, even from the base six-speaker system, is terrific."


The regular cab offers little interior space, but extended cabs and crew cabs offer significantly more room -- especially "with rear seats folded," notes Consumer Guide. In the crew cab, rear setbacks fold down to create a flat load floor. In the extended cab, the rear jump seats fold up, extending the cargo area from floor to ceiling.

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