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Mercedes-AMG GLE63 

Like BMW, Mercedes-Benz was wise enough to see that buyers want to have their high-powered cake and eat too. As such, you’ll find multiple Mercedes-AMG variants throughout the lineup. The GLE63 AMG is one such variant, delivering a spacious, lavish interior, but also pulse-pounding performance.

Starting at $99,950, the Mercedes-AMG GLE63 AMG features a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8, making 550 horsepower. An S-variant is available. At $107,100, its V8 makes 577 hp. Like BMW and its X5/X6 pairing, a “coupe” (aka four-door with a fastback) style of the GLE is available. It is available as the AMG S version, also with 577 hp.

The coupe is also available as a GLE450 AMG, which is slotted between the non-AMG and AMG performance model. Starting at $65,100, it features a turbocharged V6 making 362 horsepower. This “in between” approach is found throughout the Mercedes-Benz lineup.

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