Garmin Nuvi 880

Top-End GPS Devices

According to industry experts, you won't be disappointed with the Garmin Nuvi 880 if you can justify the price. Bloated with features but still easy to operate and carry, the Nuvi 880 offers accurate directions, voice commands, local news, movie times, stock information -- and prestige.

Garmin Nuvi 880 Key Features:  4.3-inch display, dynamic MSN Direct content, multi-segment routing, MP3 player, photo navigation, custom POI, real-time traffic.

Price Range:

MSRP: $1071.41 $763-$1000 $815-$1000

What the Experts Say:

  • "Garmin really knows how to make you drool. ... To get an idea of just how advanced its speech recognition is, you can just say 'find nearest Starbucks' and it will automatically direct you to the nearest Starbucks joint for your caffeine fix." -- Ubergizmo
  • "This is the GPS device I want on my windshield, and therefore it earns our Editors' Choice." -- PC Magazine

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