Multi-mode Garmin Nuvi 500

Mid-Range GPS Devices

The Garmin Nuvi 500 Series gets favorable reviews because it can handle any navigation situation you throw its way -- in the car, on a bike, on a trail, even on a boat. It also has the light weight (7.6 ounces) usually associated with hiking navs, but the price and features that accompany a car-centric GPS. But you'll have to wait a bit on this unit; the Nuvi 500 series arrives in the Europe first.

Garmin Nuvi 500 Key Features: Waterproof casing, 3D map views, custom points of interest, FM traffic connectivity

Price Range:

MSRP: $499.99

What the Experts Say:

  • "For those movers and shakers who cruise on four wheels, two wheels, by sea, and even hit the pavement with their own two feet." -- CNET
  • "For out-doorsy types, there's a shaded digital elevation map option, and a dedicated compass page and tracklog." -- Gizmodo
  • "The Garmin Nuvi 500 does fill a huge void in the GPS market providing both auto navigation as well as off-road capabilities yet retaining functionality such as a touch screen." -- GPSReview

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