7 Electric Cars Arriving in 2018

Nissan Leaf
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Check Out These Upcoming Electric Cars

Have you been thinking about going electric? Each year, more automakers bring electric vehicles (EVs) to market. What was once a niche segment with only a few competing models is growing into a class filled with a variety of vehicle styles and choices.

EVs offer silent operation, instant torque, low operating costs, and minimal maintenance. While range anxiety has been an issue in the past, most new EVs offer enough miles to meet or exceed the average driver’s day-to-day needs.

All of these vehicles could qualify for the full $7,500 electric vehicle tax credit. As long as the tax credit continues to exist and you have enough tax liability to claim it, you could receive the rebate at tax time.

Keep in mind that specific details and timelines for some upcoming models are scarce. Some automakers have only released information based on concept vehicles or foreign models.

Read through the following slides to learn more about electric cars arriving in 2018.

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