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2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid Interior Review

Note: This interior review was created when the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid was new.


Interior: 8.8

The passenger cabin of the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid has won raves from the automotive press. Tight fit and finish speaks of high-quality construction, and the interior materials emphasize soft-touch surfaces instead of hard plastics. The car's green credibility is enhanced by seat foam made of 85 percent post-consumer recycled material. The standard upholstery, Ford says, is an "eco-friendly" fabric made of post-industrial recycled materials, though leather is available. Electronics like Ford's SYNC voice-activated infotainment system and the SmartGauge interface, which coaches drivers toward fuel-efficient behaviors, also impress test drivers.

  • "I'm not sure when or how Ford went from fitting its cars with ill-fitting, ovoid plastic interior door panels to best-in-class duds like those in our Fusion, but there you have it: the Fusion's interior is best in class. Just about everywhere you look and touch, from the nicely stitched seats to the perfectly grained dash shows signs of thoughtful design." -- Automobile Magazine
  • "Adequate space. Comfortable accommodations. Above-average ambience." -- USA Today
  • "Interior design is understated, blending soft-touch surfaces with available rich-feeling leather upholstery. Base Hybrid's recycled cloth upholstery is pleasant and avoids looking cheap." -- Consumer Guide
  • "Whereas the previous Fusion's cabin felt distinctly dated, the 2010 Fusion features improved interior materials quality and all-new entertainment and climate controls." -- Edmunds


The seats of the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid don't elicit much reviewer comment. Auto writers find adequate space at all five seating positions, and say the power-adjustable driver's seat and adjustable steering column make it easy to find a comfortable driving position.

  • "Headroom and legroom are adequate for six-footers. The seats are supportive, a bit larger than the class norm, and relatively high-set to contribute to fine outward visibility. All Fusions include a tilt and telescopic steering wheel, a driver-comfort plus." -- Consumer Guide
  • "The Fusion Hybrid's high-quality cabin features abundant soft-touch materials, and the overall look is austere but attractive. The Fusion has plenty of space for front and rear occupants. Drivers, in particular, will appreciate the comfortable driving position." -- Edmunds
  • "A luxury-filled midsize sedan. The roomy cockpit is beautifully attired with soft-touch materials and pleasing shapes." -- Motor Trend
  • "Overall fit and finish and interior ergonomics -- the way things are designed for ease of reach and sight -- are excellent." -- Washington Post

Interior Features

Reviews of the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid tend to focus heavily on the unique SmartGauge instrument cluster. It features two display screens, set on either side of a traditional speedometer, inside the usual instrument bevel. The screens can be set to four different display modes, each of which gives the driver different information about the car's efficiency. At its simplest level, it displays a vine, with leaves that shrivel away or grow depending on how much fuel is being consumed. At its most complex, SmartGauge can track fuel consumption in real time as well as by trip and over set periods of time, allowing drivers to work to improve the efficiency of their driving habits. Most reviewers like the system, though it can take the driver's eyes from the road as they get used to using it.

Ford's SYNC system is standard equipment in the Fusion Hybrid. It allows drivers to control Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as cell phones or MP3 players, though voice commands.

  • "The Fusion is an information lover's delight, much more so than any hybrid I've driven." -- Washington Post
  • "The SmartGauge with Ecoguide is one of the best instrument panels in any car -- hybrid or otherwise. A common problem with some hybrids is their inability to stand out from their gas-only counter parts. They look the same inside and out and consumers most interested in hybrids want something special. While the Fusion hybrid looks similar to the other Fusions, the SmartGauge makes it feel different -- helping create a stronger emotional connection." -- Detroit News
  • "You can pick how much hybrid-related data you want on the instrument panel. Regardless of how much you ask for, Fusion delivers it informatively, no scolding or overwhelming you, as other hybrids do. Yes, there's the ‘atta way' pictograph of leaves growing into a wreath if you drive just so. But you can shut that off." -- USA Today
  • "The so-called ‘Efficiency Leaves' display on the dash of the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid is a real charmer, one of those brilliant interactive creations that, like the touchscreen of the Apple iPhone, proves as user-friendly as it is delightful. Sounds silly, perhaps, but from behind the wheel it's a remarkably effective motivator. After all, who wants to be the earth-thug who hears from the back seat, ‘Daddy! You've lost all the leaves!'" -- Motor Trend
  • "Other convenient touches include Ford's Sync, which comes in handy when scoping nearby gas prices." -- Popular Mechanics
  • "Sync system works great, integrating audio and Bluetooth functions with voice-recognition technology to provide easy hands-free operation of cell phones and portable MP3 players." -- Edmunds


Like most hybrids, the Fusion Hybrid locates its battery pack partially in the vehicle's trunk, leaving the hybrid edition with less cargo space than conventionally-powered Fusions.

  • "The trunk has a usefully cubic shape, but insufficient height for big boxes. The lid supports are non-intrusive struts. Interior storage is decent. Note that the Hybrid omits folding rear seatbacks." -- Consumer Guide
  • "Interior storage space is adequate, but typical for hybrid sedans, the trunk is compromised by the car's battery pack. At only 11.8 cubic feet and with no folding rear seat, cargo capacity is still bigger than in the Camry and Altima hybrids, but much smaller than the hatchback Prius." -- Edmunds

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