Ford vs. Chevrolet: Battle of the Brands

2018 Ford Expedition
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America’s Two Leading Brands, Head to Head

For some people, the Ford versus Chevy rivalry is so important, and their loyalty to one brand over the other is so strong, that they proudly show bumper stickers showing their intensely held preference. You may have seen one of these stickers proclaiming that the driver would rather push his Chevy than drive a Ford – or vice versa.

Few of us are that passionate on this subject. However, that does not mean that we might not be interested in seeing which of these two brands, Ford or Chevrolet, is better overall. These are, after all, the two top selling automotive nameplates in the United States, with Ford garnering more sales, despite offering fewer models. So, Ford versus Chevy. Can we determine an overall winner? The following slides will tell.

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