Ford vs. Chevrolet: Battle of the Brands

2020 Ford Expedition
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A Rivalry as American as Apple Pie

The rivalry between Ford and Chevrolet is about as old as the auto industry itself, with brand loyalists willing to defend the virtues of their favorite to anyone who will listen – and even to those who won’t.

Most buyers, of course, are not that passionate, and their priorities have changed over the years. While acceleration times and horsepower bragging rights are as important as ever for some, many buyers are just as likely to base a purchase decision on which models offer the smoothest smartphone integration.

Regardless of what’s important to you, it’s still a worthwhile exercise to compare these major domestic automakers. More than close competitors, they are the two best selling brands in the United States. And with the cost and complexity of modern vehicles, making the right choice is more important than ever. The following slides will determine whether Ford or Chevy is our winner, based on a wide variety of factors including safety, reliability, technology, value, and yes, acceleration.

Remember that the scores on our site and rankings are constantly being updated, as reviews are added and new data comes in. So, you may find slightly different scores here than in our reviews.

Read on to see who wins this American matchup.

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