Fast Used Cars Under $20,000

2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata
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Speed Doesn’t Have to Mean Expensive

Fast cars are not always the most practical vehicles on the road. Nimble sports cars and V8 muscle cars are purchases that you make with your heart more than your head. That doesn’t mean you have to blow your bank account on a fast car. 

There are tons of pre-owned vehicles that are fast and powerful, and if you get the right year, they are also affordable. It may require purchasing a vehicle that’s nearly a decade old, but if you can live without the latest tech features (some of which can be retrofitted), you’ll be rewarded with affordable performance.

For this exercise, some models will be performance variants of a broader model range. In those cases, we will take the top-end of the average prices, as such models usually sway the curve upwards. This is to ensure the most realistic pricing. Good luck with finding your ideal performance machine at the right price!

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