Everything You Need to Know About the Tesla Model 3

Everything You Need to Know About the Tesla Model 3
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Everything You Need to Know About the Tesla Model 3

Tesla Motors has revealed its fourth production vehicle, the one the company says was its end goal since Tesla's inception: the Tesla Model 3. The company says this all-electric sedan blends affordability with sustainability. It's also Tesla's best bet at fulfilling its mission statement to increase adoption of zero-emission transportation.

Don't confuse the Model 3 with the Model S, Tesla's flagship sedan, or the Model X, Tesla's electric SUV. The Model S, launched in 2012, is both larger and more expensive. The steep price tag of the Model S (retail price starts at $75,000) has put these zero-emission vehicles beyond the budget of many consumers. But the exclusivity of owning a luxury-priced Tesla is lessening with the Model 3. Retail price for this five-passenger sedan starts at $35,000 (without tax incentives).

The Model X began selling in 2015 and starts at around $81,000 (Tesla doesn't list retail prices online). Its signature trait is a set of falcon-wing doors for the rear. These raise and lower automatically, adjusting the opening width and height based on the surroundings so the doors don't hit nearby cars or low garage ceilings. While early deliveries of the Model X have already begun, Tesla doesn’t expect new reservations for the Model X SUV to be fulfilled until after summer 2016.

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