10 Easy Cars to Maintain and Repair

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These Cars Are the Easiest to Service

Just as there are differences among cars and trucks when they are judged by their performance, comfort, and safety, there are also differences among vehicles when it comes to the ease of maintenance and repair. Simply put, some vehicles are easier to work on than others.

To find out which models are technician-friendly, we undertook a decidedly unscientific survey of professional auto mechanics who work on a wide variety of makes and models at independent shops. We asked that they limit their responses to vehicles made in the last 10 years. No dealership personnel were included, since they would be expected to favor only their brand.

The resulting list shows you the vehicles that are easiest to maintain (and a few that are more difficult). Easy maintenance can mean less expensive repairs, as one of the biggest factors affecting cost is your mechanic’s time. Easy maintenance is just as good if you repair your car yourself. After all, time is money.

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