10 Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

Dog On Vacation in Washington DC
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Tips for Taking Your Pet on a Road Trip

Many of us think of our pets as members of the family and can’t fathom the idea of leaving our furry friends behind as we go on vacation. However, taking Rover on a road trip with you isn’t as simple as jumping in the car and heading cross-country.

Successful car travel with your pet takes some planning, some patience, and some flexibility. You’ll need to think about them when you plan what vehicle you take, where you stay, how often you stop, and how long you can drive each day.

On the following slides, we explore some tips to make the travel experience pleasant for everyone in the family. We'll focus on traveling with dogs, but much of the advice also applies to cats and other critters.

Vacationing with a pet can be an amazing bonding opportunity, especially if your itinerary takes you to some of the spectacular destinations this country has to offer. While the tips in this slideshow might sound excessive, they can help ensure that you’ll both have a memorable time.

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