4,000 Juke Owners Get $400 Check from Nissan

Posted: May 19, 2011

The Nissan Juke, a new model for 2011, has front-wheel drive and optional all-wheel drive. The two drivetrains get different fuel tanks, but Nissan accidentally misrepresented the specifications to early Juke buyers. Some shoppers bought AWD Jukes thinking they got the same 13.2 gallon tank the front-wheel drive Juke has. The AWD tanks are 1.4 gallons smaller.

As a result, “Nissan North America is sending $400 checks to early buyers of the Nissan Juke compact SUV because some marketing materials overstated the size of the gas tank by 1.4 gallons,” says CNNMoney. According to Jalopnik, owners get the checks “whether or not the tank’s size influenced their purchase.”

ConsumerSearch.com obtained a copy of the letter Nissan sent to AWD Juke owners, which says if customers are still dissatisfied, Nissan will repurchase a customer’s Juke or apply the vehicle’s repurchase value to another Nissan.

Jalopnik thinks the checks were a nice gesture, but according to CNNMoney, it will be a costly one. “About 4,000 all-wheel-drive Jukes were sold before the mistake was noticed and corrected,” they report. The “correction will cost Nissan about $1.6 million.”

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