December 2010 Auto Sales Show 11% Gain

Posted: January 5, 2011

December was a good month for most automakers, as improved consumer confidence led to increased sales. “Most every automaker gained sales in December, a month highlighted by a 37 percent surge for Hyundai-Kia and a 28 percent advance at Nissan North America,” says Autoweek. “Toyota Motor Corp. was the only company to record a decline, down 6 percent.”

And the big 3 certainly weren’t left out of the sales frenzy either, “General Motors' monthly sales climbed 7.5 percent, while Ford Motor Co.'s sales rose 3.5 percent,” reports The San Antonio Express. “Chrysler's sales surged 16 percent, buoyed by the popularity of its Grand Cherokee.”

Perhaps increased competition between automakers has resulted in better products which inspire greater confidence in consumers. “U.S. auto sales rose 11% in December, capping a year that suggests the industry is on the verge of one of the most dramatic shifts in its history,” says The Wall Street Journal. “The emergence of seven major car makers means companies can no longer focus on besting a single rival, as they did years ago when GM was on top, or in recent years when Toyota set the bar for quality and reputation.”

With more choices out there, automakers clearly need to stay on top of their game to be competitive. Hopefully that competition continues to ensure stronger products at the dealership, which will ultimately benefit those in the market for a new vehicle.

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