Report: No Hybrid for Obama

Posted: April 7, 2010

He may have proposed cap-and-trade legislation to limit carbon emissions and toughened fuel-economy standards, but there’s one thing President Obama won’t do to help the environment.  He won’t be going hybrid.  The Secret Service won’t let him.

CBS News reports, “As he took questions at a North Carolina plant that makes battery components for hybrid cars, the president was asked about prospects for an electric-powered White House limousine. Mr. Obama revealed that when he first received Secret Service protection, he asked if he could ride in a hybrid vehicle. But his protectors rejected the idea.”

The problem, Autoblog Green explains, is the weight of the President’s ride.  “The Presidential limo is about two to three times heavier than the average car,” thanks to the heavy armor plating and other security features it requites, so it “would not be able to accelerate with a hybrid powerplant.”  Instead, the limo, built on the chassis of a GMC Topkick commercial truck but designed to look like stretched Cadillac DTS, “uses a heavy-duty diesel engine to move around.”

Many federal workers, however, will be going hybrid, even if the boss won’t be going green.  Obama, the Chicago Sun-Times notes, “told the crowd, he has ordered a tripling of the number of hybrid vehicles in the federal fleet.”

The President, as we’ve reported before, has some experience with American hybrids.  Shortly before announcing his candidacy for office, he traded in his V8-powered Chrysler 300 for a Ford Escape Hybrid.

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