Alabama Dealer May Give Away 111 Cars...Depending on Football Score

Posted: January 7, 2010

Alabama alumni won’t be the only ones yelling "Roll Tide!"  in tonight’s BCS National Championship Game.  Everyone who bought a car at a Jim Bishop dealership last week will be hoping that the University of Texas Longhorns get hooked -- big time.

Huntsville CBS affiliate WHNT-TV explains, “The Alabama dealership is offering to give away 111 cars if the Crimson Tide shuts out Texas in the BCS National Championship game. Jim Bishop dealerships in the Shoals are running a promotion called ‘If Texas scores zero, you pay zero.’”

Chevrolets, GMCs, Pontiacs and Buicks are at stake. 

Kicking Tires adds, “If Texas fails to score, the dealerships will give away a total of 111 cars by reimbursing all participants every last dime of their money except sales tax.”  General Manager Don Wood tells reporters that the dealership group “bought insurance on the deal and placed a total sales limit at $3 million.”

What are the odds of the cars going for free?  Not great.  There has never been a shutout in the BCS title game.  Most oddsmakers this morning have Alabama listed as a four point favorite, but few believe that Alabama can shut out the undefeated Longhorns completely.   Texas averages better than two touchdowns per game, with two-time Heisman Trophy finalist quarterback Colt McCoy. 

The Heisman jinx, however, may actually work in Texas’ favor.  Alabama running back Mark Ingram took home the trophy this year.  Ingram, Bloomberg reports, “will be the sixth Heisman recipient in seven years to play for the Bowl Championship Series title” tonight. “Four of the previous five lost in the title game.”

Jim Bishop, meanwhile, is probably rooting for Texas to get at least one field goal.  The offer sold a lot of cars.  Wood tells WHNT, “Of the cars sold during the promotion about 60 percent of the customers said they came in” specifically because of the longshot offer.

The dealership group, in fact, had to end the promotion ahead of schedule due to demand.  Alabama NBC affiliate WAFF-TV reports, “The promotion started December 28, and was supposed to run through Thursday, but the dealership stopped it Monday,” when it hit the $3 million insurance limit.

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