Tiger Woods Crashes Car, Dominates Holiday News

Posted: November 30, 2009

Pro golfer Tiger Woods has more to be thankful for than he may have thought -- or does he? In the early morning hours the day after Thanksgiving, he survived a single car crash with just minor injuries. Woods’ Cadillac Escalade hit a fire hydrant and careened into a tree near his Florida home.

The crash and the mysterious events surrounding it -- spurred on by odd injuries on Woods’ face and his repeated refusal to speak to police -- have dominated major news outlets and led to a huge backlash for the celebrity.

Woods issued a statement two days after the crash, but it didn’t reveal much. “Woods broke his public silence on the incident Sunday on his Web site and took the blame for an ‘embarrassing’ car crash that gave him cuts, bruises -- and public scrutiny like never before,” writes ESPN. “His statement failed to clear up any questions about the middle-of-the-night accident outside his Isleworth estate…”

Woods’ wife, Elin Nordegren, has said she used a golf club to smash the rear windows of the SUV and pull her husband out of the car. However, there’s speculation that she smashed the windows in a rage and may have caused some of Woods’ injuries before the crash even occurred. According to the New York Daily News, the Florida Highway Patrol is seeking a search warrant to access Woods’ medical records in order to determine whether domestic violence is a factor.

Most likely due to the element of mystery, the crash has become national news. The Wall Street Journal concludes: “Mr. Woods and those close to him will be hounded about the events of November 27 until they are chased up a tree or there is blood on the ground. Every public relations professional whom I have seen interviewed about this matter in the last two days has offered the same essential advice to Mr. Woods and his entourage: get everything out in the open as quickly as possible.”

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