Study: Testosterone Makes Men Buy Fast Cars

Posted: October 16, 2009

Okay, guys, memorize this phrase:

"According to a study published by the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University..."

That's how the conversation is going to start.  If it goes well, she'll let you buy the Camaro.

Wait a minute, the John Molson School of Business?  As in Molson, the beer?  This isn't going to work, is it?

Well, it's worth a try.

Jalopnik explains, "A Concordia University John Molson School of Business study has found men's testosterone levels spike when driving ostentatious cars, effectively making them 'sexual signaling' devices."

The study, Autoblog explains, "Took thirty-nine typical young men (i.e. college guys) and placed them in one of two cars. The first was a Toyota Camry. The second was a Porsche 911 Cabriolet. They then let the men drive up and down on two streets. One was busy and filled with women. The other was deserted. After each little cruise, each man's saliva was measured for levels of testosterone." 

To recap - the school named for the beer baron studied whether college guys get a testosterone boost when driving a Porsche.  Those who honestly can't predict the results, please read on.

Kicking Tires reports, "It didn't matter if they were driving on the pedestrian-heavy street with female onlookers, the men always had elevated and sustained testosterone levels after driving the Porsche (or maybe that was just the normal level and libido-sapping '93 Camry was putting them into a coma)."  In what may count as a blow to the women, the men did not show elevated testosterone levels after driving the Toyota, regardless of whether female onlookers were present. 

Yes, in his Camry, he's just not going to get all that excited.  It isn't you.

"In other words," lead researcher Gad Saad told Canada's CBC News, "just put a guy in a Porsche, and his testosterone levels shoot up, whether people watch or not."  Powerful cars, Saad told CBC News, are "evidence of ‘sexual signaling,' similar to animals in the wild, where males try to prove to females they're the best breeding stock." 

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