Dodge Viper Lives

Posted: June 12, 2009

After widespread reports that the Dodge Viper would be allowed to die since Chrysler found no buyer for the sub-brand during bankruptcy, it appears that the iconic supercar has been given a stay of execution.

The Los Angeles Times reports, "Chrysler says the Viper brand has been turned over to Fiat."

Edmunds Inside Line explains, "Chrysler said late Wednesday that all the Viper assets, including rights to the name, have been turned over to Fiat, which took control of Chrysler on Wednesday as it emerged from bankruptcy with the help of a final $6.6-billion cash infusion from the U.S. government."

Fiat, which already owns a portion of both Ferrari and Maserati, was believed to be uninterested in the Viper line.  The Italian company's future plans for the supercar are unclear at this point.

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