Right-Wing Talk Radio Hosts Call for GM Boycott

Posted: June 9, 2009

The Detroit News reports, "A pair of right-wing radio hosts says there's only one choice for conservatives angry about government involvement in the auto industry: Boycott GM."  Rush Limbaugh told listeners to his program on Friday "Nobody wants to support an Obama company," while conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt told his audience "every dollar spent with GM is a dollar spent against free enterprise," according to the News.

The results of a recent Rasmussen Reports poll showed some support for the idea, with 17 percent of Americans supporting a GM boycott.

There is little evidence to date that the government's plans for the auto industry have turned off buyers.  The News notes, "In bankruptcy for the entire month of May, Chrysler had its best sales month of the year." 

The automotive press wasted little time starting to mock the idea. 

Jalopnik writes, "Nothing says sound fiscal policy like trying to torpedo the sales of a company you already own."

Autoblog, meanwhile, argues that "A successful boycott of GM products could have the adverse effect of driving the company into liquidation. This would eliminate any hope of getting reimbursed for the tens of billions in loans that the government has given GM. All that taxpayer money may never be recovered anyway, but it makes sense to at least walk the path that has a chance of success." But, Autoblog notes, "Fortunately for GM, such boycotts are rarely successful."

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