GM Insists Chevy Volt Not Delayed

Posted: December 18, 2008

General Motors has stopped building the factory that will build the Chevy Volt's engine. Conserving cash in an attempt to hold bankruptcy at bay, the automaker has ceased construction on a Flint, Michigan plant designed to build the gasoline engine at the heart of both the Chevy Volt and Chevy Cruze. But GM insists the cars are still on schedule.

The AP explains, "The plant's engines will extend the range of the rechargeable Volt, GM's high-profile next-generation vehicle that will be able to travel 40 miles on electricity alone. They will also power the Cruze, GM's new small car that is supposed to get around 40 miles per gallon."

In a story published under the headline "Chevy Volt Delayed," Business Week notes, "The Volt has been held up as a symbol of GM's future and its innovation. It has run TV ads and bought billboards touting it even though it is two to three years off from being sold to customers."

But the enthusiast's site, which claims no formal affiliation with GM, writes, "A senior GM executive stated that GM will continue efforts to build the Volt even if the government loans don't come through. This person said ‘although we are temporarily absolutely stopping all work on everything, the Volt will be out as originally scheduled.'" GM-Volt goes on to say, "Reportedly there are plans in place such that even if GM goes into bankruptcy it will still have funds set aside to carry the Volt to production. It was noted that even if the Flint factory doesn't get built in time, the 1.4 L engine generator could be sourced from overseas."

Autoblog Green adds, "GM has previously told us that any cutbacks will have "no impact" on the Volt program. No word yet on any changes to the fate of the Hamtramck [Michigan] plant where the Volt itself is to be put together."

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