Buy One, Get One Free Dodge Rams in Florida

Posted: November 24, 2008

As the automotive industry struggles with the worst sales figures seen in almost two decades, ridiculous deals have begun appearing.  They're typically short-lived, apply only to a handful of cars on one particular dealer's lot, and cover only models that aren't selling well.  But they're still jaw-dropping.

Take, for instance, the buy-one-get-one-free Dodge Ram pickup truck at Rob Lambdin's University Dodge in Davie, Florida.

Consumerist spotted it first.  They note, "The deal is you buy one Dodge Ram Quad Cab 1500 and you get a Dodge Ram Single Cab for free." 

The fine print of the ad says that the offer is only valid on the day of publication, and may change without notice.  But it's probably not a trick.  Car dealers make payments on the cars on their lots - and when the vehicles sit unsold long enough, it can become cost-effective for the dealer to sell them at a loss just to free space on their lot for a car that's more likely to sell quickly. 

The buy-one-get-one-free Ram comes on the heels of the buy-a-Chrysler-Pacifica-get-a-Chrysler-PT-Cruiser-for-$1 deal we saw last week.  Have you seen a ridiculous car deal offered in your local newspaper?  Let us know.

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