Camaro, Challenger Convertibles Dead

Posted: November 14, 2008

If you've always dreamed of buying a drop-top muscle car, hit your Ford dealer now.  While a stable of retro-styled muscle coupes have excited the automotive world for the last year, the ongoing financial crisis seems to have killed the convertible versions that were supposed to provide a second act.

Motor Trend reports, "Chrysler will not offer a Dodge Challenger convertible. The car is "dead as a doornail," a source says. And the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro convertible planned for midyear 2009 is on hold."  That leaves the Mustang as the only convertible muscle car - and it's not going anywhere.  The V6 powered pony car has "been a strong seller in the Ford lineup."

Jalopnik reports that the Challenger platform was "unbelievably, not originally engineered to lose its top. So engineering a model capable of retaining its rigidity is, due to the financiapocalypse, now considered wayyy to expensive."  As for the Camaro, "Bankruptcy-imminent GM simply can't afford" to build the car "even though plans for it were built in from the beginning."

Or perhaps it was cancelled for another reason entirely. Autoblog suggests, "If the Federal bailout goes through, it's safe to assume that legislators and the public would have hard time seeing our tax dollars being used to sell a niche vehicle."

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