Official Chevy Volt Photos "Leaked" to Web

Posted: September 9, 2008

2010 Volt Pictures

2010 Volt Pictures

 The Chevy Volt -- the car that GM believes could save it from the gallows -- was accidentally revealed ahead of schedule yesterday. If early reports are to be believed, that is. As with all things Volt, we should take this latest introduction lightly.

The Detroit News explains, "Ten photos were briefly posted on GM's media Web site, and an external site, and promptly picked up by auto bloggers around the world."  GM spokesperson Terry Rhadigan told the News, "Those were put up in error and taken down quickly thereafter. It was not intentional."   The shots show several GM executives and engineers posing in front of what is almost certainly a mock-up of the production Volt. 

The images show a light blue Volt that strongly resembles the model seen in video leaked from the set of the movie Transformers 2, but that version proved to be the chassis and drivetrain of a Chevy Malibu, covered with a fiberglass shell meant to look like the Volt.  Chevy has promised to reveal the final form of the Volt at its anniversary celebration early next week -- but doesn't plan to sell the car until the 2010, or even 2011, model year. The Volt's powertrain may not be ready until then. 

The Volt mock-up in the shots revealed yesterday departs significantly from the concept model the press first saw on the auto show circuit in 2006.  Automobile Magazine explains, "Although the car's profile is still somewhat evocative of the concept, the overall profile is much more rounded - a necessary concession for aerodynamic purposes."

And that accidental release?  Many are skeptical. comments, "You can expect more of these kinds of semi-official "leaks." Why "leaks" in quotation marks? GM claims that a vendor made a mistake and released the photos, but even Lyle Dennis, founder of the popular GM-Volt site, expressed polite skepticism that they were a genuine leak."  With automotive journalists and bloggers combing GM sites daily for news about the web, such 'accidental' releases are an effective way to stimulate interest. "Still, you've got to give GM credit: They've proven themselves masters at stoking the fires of Volt fascination."

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