GM Confirms Chevy Volt Photos Are Real...Somewhat

Posted: September 2, 2008

Leaked Pictures of Volt

Leaked Pictures of Volt

Photos of a car believed to be the production Chevy Volt were leaked to the web late last week from the set of the movie Transformers 2.  The General has now confirmed that the photos are in fact shots of a Volt replica, though a spokesperson said the vehicle was still in concept form.  As we speculated last week, the vehicle was not running on the Volt's powertrain -- it was instead a fiberglass model of the body that may be the production Volt, running on top of a Chevy Malibu chassis and powertrain.

GM spokesman Rob Peterson told Edmunds Inside Line that the Volt "is taking part in the Transformers 2 movie," but said the car in the pictures "is still a concept version.  It's obviously different from the original," he said, "But this is not the final version at this stage."  Peterson "did admit that the vehicle in the video was 'representative of the production vehicle,' which he said would be 'revealed fairly soon.'"

The version of the Volt seen in the film is less dramatic than the concept car.  Jalopnik writes, "Gone are the dramatic fender flares and almost inconceivable side glass, replaced with far more tasteful and production-friendly shapes."

If this is close to the final design, Volt fans seem happy with it.  A poll on the enthusiast site shows that 65% of users prefer the car revealed on the movie set to the concept car.

UPDATE: "A source within GM has...confirmed" to Edmunds that "the Volt spotted on the streets of Long Beach, California was not a full running prototype, but a fiberglass replica of the production Volt design riding on a Malibu chassis with a full Malibu drivetrain and interior."  Though "from 25 feet away...the Volt looks like a real car," in truth "like many movie replicas, the Volt is sporting everything from unique show car paint to oversized brake discs made of cardboard."  The movie's car, however, is likely a close representation of what the finished Volt will look like.  " Set for production debut next summer, the Chevy Volt will be released at the same time Transformers 2 is hitting movie theaters," so the car in the film will tie-in closely to marketing for the real car -- and the two will most likely look the same.

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