Engineer Gives More Details on Chevy Volt

Posted: August 28, 2008

Chevy Volt Teaser Pictures

Volt Teaser Pictures

The Chevy Volt will feature Bluetooth compatibility, USB audio ports, low rolling resistance tires and folding rear seats.  Owners will be able to charge the car's batteries from any standard 110-volt outlet.  These, and other details on GM's upcoming plug-in hybrid car, emerged in a chat with Volt design director Bob Boniface on last week.  A transcript is available here.

Edmunds Inside Line notes, "Perhaps the most tantalizing bit of dialogue was an exchange between Boniface and Omar Rana, the editor in chief at  'We keep hearing the [sic] GM will reveal the Volt sometime in September. Is that true?' asked Rana.  'We have not yet announced when the Volt will be revealed,' replied Boniface. 'It will be soon, but any specific dates are conjecture at this point.'"

Boniface also told chatters, "Much to my surprise we found that aero performance was critical even at city speeds. I would have expected mass to be more critical than aero at low speeds but it was not true." 

In a hint that other GM brands may see Volt-derived cars of their own, Boniface said "There are many ways to make a car aerodynamically efficient. There is not simply a one-size-fits-all approach. We will make all E-Flex vehicles unique from one another."  So perhaps a Cadillac Volt is on the way…

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