GPS-Integrated Rear-View Mirror Comes to the U.S.

Posted: July 22, 2008

Not to be outdone by the Swiss and German MirrorPilot that's set to debut next March, DSUS Technology of China has also developed a GPS-integrated rear-view mirror that will begin retail sales in the United States August 1.

While the MirrorPilot comes with a 2.2-inch display, the DSUS SmartMirror has a four-inch screen for GPS maps, plus additional capabilities. According to Jalopnik, the DS-400GB is a good way to consolidate the trinkets cluttering your dashboard, because it has built-in Bluetooth capability and a back-up camera. "For the minimalist that has to have everything, this is the bee's knees," they write. SmartMirror's navigation software is Navigon Mobile Navigator 6.5, featuring a Reality View and 12 map updates from FreshMaps.

With a $799 price tag, one thing the SmartMirror does share with MirrorPilot is a high cost. Ubergizmo's blogger says, "Methinks the price is too high for what's in essence, a glorified rear view mirror."

Also similar to MirrorPilot, there are several writers concerned about the overall safety of the product. Gizmodo's writer says, "It sounds like a neat solution, but I'm a little unconvinced that mounting a GPS high up there on the windscreen isn't actually going to distract you from looking in the rear-view mirror." Engadget's Ryan Block agrees. "Not a bad idea, but don't you want to be looking forward -- not behind you -- when considering your next turn?"

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