Top Gear Fans Rejoice -- The Stig Has Not Been Unmasked

Posted: May 23, 2008

If you're not a fan of the BBC's Top Gear, stop reading.  This won't make a bit of sense.

The Stig has been unmasked!  Autoblog reports, "someone wielding a video camera" standing outside of an unidentified racetrack "caught a glimpse of an unmasked driver wearing what is assumed to be the Stig's white racing suit and carrying a matching white helmet."  The rest of the Top Gear cast was seen at the track, leading to the conclusion that the white-suited man was a helmetless Stig.


Some things we're better off not knowing.

Still, if you must…

Autoblog continues, "The blurry shots appeared on (no relation) and the speculative efforts of the Dutch enthusiast community pegged the man behind the mask as ace test driver Tim Schrick."  Schrick is known to the European public primarily because he has done video reviews for "a few German television shows," including Top Gear rival D-Motor. 

Jalopnik doesn't buy it.  "Wait, a German?" they write. "No way. There's no way a German could talk so many Brits around the Top Gear track at Dunsfold Park. Inconceivable."

AutoJab says that perhaps Tim Schrick is just a Stig. "Logic would have it that the most plausible explanation is that the Stig is played by a bunch of drivers."

Final Gear publishes a photo that may dispute the Schrick theory.  In their image, Schrick is pictured alongside a Stig-like figure, whose helmet is still on. 

That would make sense, since we've always assumed the Stig even showers with the helmet on.  It doesn't come off.  He also sleeps with it on, for one minute a year, in a solid-gold Lotus Exige, and drinks petrol straight from the pump.

But wait…D Motor?


In a post previewing season 11 on the Top Gear website, producer Andy Wilman recently wrote, "we go to war, literally, with a German version of Top Gear" in an upcoming episode.  That's it…Schrick isn't the Stig, he was there to get toasted by the Stig.  Just like everyone else does. 

The Stig is not German.  He's not human.  The mystery remains intact.

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