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Technologies for Today and Tomorrow

Not since the early days of the Automobile has the industry seen the pace of change that it’s seeing today. Cars are getting smarter, more efficient, safer, and more connected. Technological hurdles for autonomous vehicles that seemed insurmountable only a decade ago are being overcome.

While we haven’t quite reached the point of letting fully autonomous cars roam the streets with no driver behind the wheel to intercede if there’s a problem, most of the building blocks are in place to allow us to make the next leap. Of course there are societal and regulatory burdens to address, but the age of the self-driving car gets closer every day.

But autonomous operation isn’t the only automotive technology that’s advancing. There are many advances that will be coming to non-autonomous vehicles in the coming years. From better headlights to fully customizable instrument panels and tiny, yet potent engines, there’s technology in every corner of an industry that is trying to respond to consumers at a pace more akin to the consumer electronics industry.

Research is happening through the world, even in cites that aren't traditional automotive power centers.

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