Presidential Cars: The Best Cars Owned by U.S. Presidents Past and Present

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William Howard Taft: Baker Electric

Think electric cars are new? Not so much. One of President William Howard Taft's personal vehicles was a 1908 Baker Electric. Taft was the first president that we know of who owned his own car. The luxurious electric carriage hauled around his imposing 332 pounds at 14 mph.

Now, however, Taft is no longer the only president to have owned an electric car. President Trump’s car collection includes a Tesla Roadster.

Electric cars were popular, although costly, at the beginning of the twentieth century. By the end of World War I, sales of electric autos were in decline. However, nearly a century later, they are on the rise again. Few Baker Electrics still exist, though one is part of former Tonight Show host Jay Leno’s extensive car collection.

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