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2011 Chrysler 300 Interior Review

Note: This interior review was created when the 2011 Chrysler 300 was new.


Interior: 8.3

Inside the 2011 Chrysler 300, reviewers note that many of their concerns regarding quality in the old model have been put to rest. With the redesign, large windows have improved visibility and high-quality materials replace the shoddy panels that reviewers disliked in the previous model. Reviewers also note how quiet the interior is on the new 2011 Chrysler 300.

  • "The 300 is impressively quiet, especially on the freeway. In fact, some 300C buyers might find the car too quiet and wish for a bit more exhaust note and Hemi hum.” -- Automobile Magazine 
  • "The dash and door panels are fitted with soft-touch material that looks and feels good. The wood is real, and the twin-bezel instrument cluster sparkles like jewels.” -- AutoWeek 
  • "In a space that is among the best executed in its class, the 300’s few remaining dull spots -- the window switch panels and the plain black plastic surrounds for the HVAC controls and nav screen are a few examples --call an inordinate amount of attention to themselves.” -- Car and Driver 
  • "You soon notice improved levels of refinement such as a nicely muted engine sound and well-muffled road noises.” -- Popular Mechanics 
  • "Overall visibility is better than before: Chrysler says the windows and windshield are 15% larger, and the windshield has been pulled back a few inches so you don’t have to lean forward to see a stoplight. Visibility (or lack thereof) won’t be a deal breaker, but Chrysler hasn’t exactly turned it into a strength. The roof still hunkers low; the beltline still rides high. The 300 is no longer quite a pillbox, but it hasn’t become a crow’s nest.” -- Cars.com 
  • "The new interior moves the 300 way upscale. The examples we drove sported two-tone cabins. There are also bright, brushed metal accents that surround the vents and center stack, giving the interior a rich feel. The instrument cluster is especially good-looking. Compared to the flat, two-dimensional gauge cluster on the current BMW 5 Series, the 300's gauges are deeply sculpted and dimensional." -- Autoblog 
  • "While the windshield gained a degree or two of rake in the redesign, Chrysler also lowered the belt line and raised the top edge of the glass, boosting visibility. The IP has a blue-chrome Tron feel, and the top of the dash merges nicely with the new corporate touchscreen system, which isn't as confusing as the industry average.” -- Jalopnik


The old Chrysler 300 was known for its huge cabin and comfortable seating for five. Reviewers have yet to report whether or not the 2011 300 has a comfortable middle position in the back seat, but they generally like the seating, saying that there’s comfortable accommodations front and rear. Some do note that comfort may take priority over support, however. While the Chrysler 300 may lack the desired bolstering to keep occupants firmly in place during tight turns, all agree that it offers the room you’d expect from an affordable large car. Heated seats are standard front and rear on 300C models, as are ventilated front seats. While the base model does not get these comfort features, 300 Limited models can add them as part of an option package.

  • "We sampled both the cloth and leather seats, and both are comfortable and supportive.” -- AutoWeek 
  • "The seatbacks offer enough support to keep occupants in place during extreme maneuvers, but the bottom cushion offers so little support it might as well be crowned.” -- Car and Driver 
  • "The rear seat has ample room, but it’s not stretch-out comfortable like a Toyota Avalon.” -- Cars.com 
  • "The seats, front and rear, were comfortable and offered the room one expects in a full-size sedan. These first impressions were taken during the course of just a half-day, recognizing that even a park bench is comfortable for short while.” -- Autoblog 
  • "The seats keep their throne-like comfort at the expense of some bolstering, and rear passengers still have ample room, even if Chrysler isn't bringing back the long-wheelbase version yet or directly targeting the limousine crowd following the imminent demise of the Lincoln Town Car.” --Jalopnik

Interior Features 

Chrysler set out to improve the interior features on the newly redesigned 300. The big news inside is Uconnect infotainment system, which is now standard across the model line. Uconnect features an 8.4-inch touch screen, and comes standard with Sirius Satellite Radio, an auxiliary input jack, SD card reader and a USB port with iPod control. Hands-free Bluetooth connectivity is optional on the base trim, but comes standard on Limited and 300C models. Shoppers who want to add Garmin-based navigation to the Uconnect system will find it optional on the Limited trim and standard on all 300C models.

While standard Uconnect is an impressive feature that doesn’t make shoppers pay a premium for a touch-screen interface, some reviewers do note that the Garmin-based maps and navigation look somewhat out of place, with colors and graphics that don’t quite live up to the rest of the interior. Still, reviewers generally like the interior on the 2011 Chrysler 300, noting the attractive, legible gauges and quality materials used throughout the redesigned cabin.

  • "A huge new 8.4-inch touch screen, beautifully integrated into the center stack, has graphics and colors that rival any of its competitors, but then you touch the navigation button and all that loveliness disappears, replaced by the garish colors and graphics of Garmin. Incredibly cheesy.” -- Automobile Magazine 
  • "With the Fiat takeover of Chrysler, it was decided the company's flagship had to stand apart, and all involved took the job seriously--everything from the giant 8.4-inch info display in the center stack to the analog clock in the top center of the dash. Rolling along at highway speeds, the cockpit is whisper-quiet, making the 300 interior a pleasant place to be.” -- AutoWeek 
  • "Nestled in that updated dash, the new tach and speedometer are stunning, highly readable, and not overly ornamental. A new touchscreen navigation/infotainment display rides atop the center stack, beneath the classy trapezoidal clock that is emerging as a signature of Chrysler interiors. The optional Garmin-based nav system’s bold colors and large graphics make it easy to use, but they lend it an almost juvenile appearance. Still, we prefer basic and useful to elegant and stupefying.” -- Car and Driver 
  • "Cabin materials are good, with padding all the way down to knee level and little of Busse’s battleship grays. Chrysler’s new 8.4-inch UConnect touch-screen is a worthy centerpiece. Standard on all 300s, it boasts a fast-paced interface with excellent graphics and minimal lag between submenus. Skip the optional Garmin navigation system, whose slow map scrolling and clumsy icons feel at odds with the rest of the system." --Cars.com  
  • "Thanks to a myriad of new noise-abatement features, the new 300 drives quietly. The front side windows feature sound-deadening lamination, while the doors are triple-sealed. There are also two eight-foot belly pans under the chassis to help reduce road noise.” -- Autoblog 
  • "Yet below the dash equator, things don't work as well. I suppose the world has decided fake wood is still acceptable, but just because ’Matlock’ comes on in reruns doesn't mean I'll ever watch it.” -- Jalopnik


At 16.3 cubic feet, the redesigned Chrysler 300 features slightly less trunk space than the outgoing model. Still, that number is in the same range as much of the competition. Shoppers looking for a large car with the most trunk space would do well to check out the Chevrolet Impala and Ford Taurus, which have the most space to stow your gear in the affordable large car class.

  • "The 300’s 16.3-cubic-foot trunk trumps the Toyota’s undersized compartment, though it falls short of the Ford Taurus’ mammoth confines.” -- Cars.com 

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