2008 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Interior

$5,523 - $12,940

2008 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Interior Review

Note: This interior review was created when the 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 was new.


Interior: 8.1

The 2008 Chevrolet Silverado has one of the best interiors offered for a full size pickup. The Kansas City Star says "Seams are few and gaps are small" inside the truck. "The front seats are exceptionally comfortable, and the back seat folds flat for extra load space." According to MSN, the "quiet, comfortable interior has a functional design, with such items as easily read gauges."

Buyers can choose from two basic interior packages. The base Work Truck (WT), or "pure pickup" interior has few features but durable materials like vinyl seats and rubber floor mats that can be easily hosed down. Chevy also offers a Luxury Truck (LT) or "luxury inspired" interior, which has the option of luxury accents like leather seating and a Bose stereo. Kelley Blue Book reports that they "found it hard to choose between the "pure pickup" interior and the "luxury-inspired" interior, because both were handsome and functional." Both basic interior packages can be enhanced with individual options as well as option packages.

No matter what interior set up or features are chosen, reviewers agree that the interior is well-laid out and built solid. Edmunds says that they "wouldn't call the dash plastics the best stuff we've ever seen, but they're as good, or better, than any other full-size truck. Even the feel of the various knobs is smoother and more refined." They also add that the interior is "impressively quiet, as we recorded a lower sound reading at 70 mph in a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado crew cab than we did in an Audi A6 luxury sedan." Road and Track takes the luxury comparison further, saying that "the overall ambience is akin to that of a luxury car." The Boston Globe adds that the interior has "many amenities often associated with upscale SUVs." Even in the WT interior, Consumer Guide reports that "materials don't look bargain-basement." In the LT interior, the Kansas City Star reports that the "interior is very similar to that of the new Tahoe, which is to say it has woodgrain trim, brushed aluminum accents and a leather-like texture. Seams are few and gaps are small."

Still, the New York Times reports that "the heating and air-conditioning switches are so low and small that they can be hard for squinting baby boomers to read." Autobytel, writes: "Failing to win us over is the hard plastic atop the dash and around the center cluster. With those few added soft-touch surfaces, there wouldn't be much left to complain about."


Reviewers were generally impressed with the seating in the Silverado, though many felt that the backseat of the Extended Cab model left a lot to be desired. The Crew Cab model received better reviews. U.S. News reviewer Rick Newman reports that the Crew Cab "includes a full-size back and as much interior space as a large sedan."

Cars.com reports that the 2007 redesign of the Silverado "added front-seat legroom, headroom and hip room," and that "Chevy made the interiors seem roomier by moving the dashboards down and forward a few inches." Despite all the room, the truck's size and height can pose a problem, as the Detroit News reports: "Getting in and out of the cab can be difficult. In the Silverado, you open the door, throw your leg out as you slide off the seat and drop to the ground -- a move Britney Spears should only try if she's wearing jeans."

A majority of test drivers think the front seats in the Silverado are comfortable. Car and Driver says that they "present a terrific seat position that makes it hard to be uncomfortable," and Consumer Guide adds that both the front bench or optional front buckets are "comfortable if somewhat lacking in side support." Edmunds sums up the majority view: "The cloth bucket seats don't look like much, but we drove for nearly five straight hours without getting uncomfortable."

The second row of seats, available only in Extended and Crew Cab models, receives mixed reviews, depending on which cab was being tested. Car and Driver sums up the majority view, saying, "Crew cab models feature a huge back seat, while the extended cab's rear bench is acceptable for the average Joe, but only for average trips." MSN says that "the back-seat area in my extended cab test Silverado was cramped, and the seat was too upright for much comfort. Opt for the crew cab version for a more comfortable back seat. "

The backseat in the Crew Cab is almost unanimously seen as comfortable, even for adults. The Detroit Free Press reports that they "rode happily behind 6-foot-4-inch GM Vehicle Line Director Mike Tulumello for more than an hour on a test drive." Road and Track reports that they "found the rear bench seat of the Crew Cab LTZ roomy enough for two full-size adults and a child." The Orlando Sentinel says the Crew Cab's backseat is "surprisingly accommodating, with a nice angle to the back cushion, and ample padding."

Interior Features

Because of the number of trim levels and option packages offered on the Silverado, it's possible to have a pure workday interior or a near-luxury experience. PickupTruck.com says that "the WT trim is for serious truck guys who like to beat the heck out of their vehicles and not worry about mussing the pretty insides. Chevy calls it the pure pickup interior, but most of us would call it basic. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the LTZ because potential customers didn't want it to."

In contrast, Autobytel reports that the "Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab LTZ was far from your basic pickup. Instead, it was trimmed out with all the goods you'd expect to find on a luxury car, including [an optional] touch-screen navigation system, [an optional] fold-down rear entertainment system, power-adjustable leather seats, and a Bose premium sound system."


Though the base WT model comes with only an AM/FM stereo, XM Satellite Radio is a new standard feature for 2008. Upgraded entertainment options are also available. The 1LT model has an upgraded AM/FM stereo with MP3 compatible CD player and an auxiliary MP3 player jack, and the top-of-the-line LTZ model has an in-dash six-disc CD changer with auxiliary MP3 player jack and a Bose speaker system. An optional rear-seat DVD player is also available on the Silverado, which prompted U.S. News reviewer Rick Newman to note that his children "were far too comfortable to be riding in a truck. A DVD player? In a pickup? But then again, I was, too."

Additional Features

Though options can quickly inflate the Silverado's price, and aren't always available on the base trims, many of the Silverado's optional features were reviewer favorites. Many reviewers felt that the available remote starter would be a worthwhile option for cold climates. The Detroit Free Press reports that "the truck's remote start heated the seats, warmed the cabin and defrosted the glass." They were also fans of an available heater for the washer fluid and report that the heater liquid "dissolved dirty, icy tire spray and provided the clearest windshield I'm likely to peer through between now and April." U.S. News reporter Rick Newman adds that the "remote vehicle starter, and heated seats proved indispensable. I barely even got cold. If this is roughing it, the Silverado is for me."

Many reviewers appreciated the optional parking assist, given the Silverado's large size. The Detroit News reports that "parking proved to be not too difficult, thanks to the optional ultrasonic rear parking assist system, which beeps faster as you near an object."

A touch-screen navigation system is also available for the Silverado's LT and LTZ trims, but a portable GPS device might offer you similar features with a better bottom line. Check out our GPS reviews for information on the best navigation units from Garmin, Navigon and TomTom.


Interior cargo space in the 2008 Chevrolet Silverado depends on the type of cab ordered and the various interior options. While Regular Cab models suffer from lack of interior storage options, reviewers like the Crew Cab's extra storage space. Road and Track notes that "when you need to haul cargo inside the Crew Cab, the whole rear bench can be folded up to expose a perfectly flat interior load floor." The Extended Cab also doesn't disappoint. MSN reports that "the rear-seat cushion folds against the seatback, providing a large, flat-floor cargo area."

Storage space for smaller items is available, but depends on the trim and interior packages that buyers select. The base Work Truck model has a two-level glove box. The Detroit Free Press reports that the upper level is "designed to carry lunch boxes and big thermoses of coffee." If buyers opt for front bucket seats, they get a roomy front center console. The Detroit News says that the console is "enormous" and has enough space to "fit the contents of 100 cans of soda." Edmunds seconds that take and adds that storage "basics are there, too, like well-placed cupholders, driver-accessible storage bins."

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