2008 Chevrolet Corvette Interior

$15,198 - $19,602

2008 Chevrolet Corvette Interior Review

Note: This interior review was created when the 2008 Chevrolet Corvette was new.


Interior: 7.6

Though some reviewers complain that it's difficult to enter and exit the Corvette's cabin, most praise its comfortable seats, wide array of standard convenience features, and impressive trunk space. What's more, many find that its fit and finish is good for its price. The  Corvette's interior ranks within the top half of its class.

  • "If there's one area people usually criticize an American car, it's the interior accommodations. While we aren't going to tell you the Corvette rivals the Audi's beautiful layout, the Aston's high-quality feel or the Ferrari's pure purposefulness, we will tell you the Corvette's interior delivers no-nonsense controls, super-comfortable seats (though lacking in lateral support) and a supremely convenient head-up display. While it doesn't feel like a million bucks, keep in mind the Corvette starts at just $45,170!" -- Road and Track
  • "The interior is a mix of grained plastic and nicely textured leather. The overall interior ambiance is more sporty than upscale, though. ... Also, the transparent removable roof panel in one test Corvette suffered from intermittent rattles." -- Consumer Guide
  • "Ever since the debut of the previous-generation Corvette, Chevrolet has made big strides in terms of interior fit and finish, which are now very good, though perhaps still one step behind class leaders." -- Edmunds
  • "The Corvette's clean, uncluttered interior is executed using the highest quality parts and trim, bringing it into world-class contention." -- Kelley Blue Book


Though most auto writers find that the Corvette's seats comfortably accommodate two passengers, some complain that its low stance and long doors hamper entry and exit.

  • Though the Corvette's interior is larger than the prior model's, it's still close quarters, especially considering how large the vehicle is overall. However, once you slither in, it's comfortable for two adults, even large ones." -- Forbes
  • "The Corvette's seats are surprisingly supportive yet not so snug as to cinch the driver in place." -- Kelley Blue Book
  • "Headroom and legroom are adequate, and the seats are comfortable. The cockpit is wider than in most sports cars. ... Entry/exit is drop in/climb out, and Corvette's long doors don't help. -- Consumer Guide
  • "It's not easy to enter or leave any version of this low-slung 2-seater without some contortions, and long, heavy doors aren't suited to tight parking spots." -- MSN
  • "Given their size and low stance, the newer models are plenty easy to get in and out of, and as always, once you are in there, these are very comfortable cars." -- Orlando Sentinel
  • "It's fairly easy to slide in and out, although long doors are a handicap in tight parking situations." -- Chicago Sun-Times

Interior Features

Reviewers find that the base Corvette comes adequately equipped -- so much so that many of its pricey options aren't needed.

  • "Options add up quickly, as they did on the test car, but the basic goodness is there for the entry-level sticker, and adding features did not necessarily add to my enjoyment and appreciation of the car." - Orlando Sentinel
  • "While some of those extras are desirable to some folks, they're not really necessary unless you've got extra money to throw around because even the base Corvette hatchback coupe and convertible are well-equipped..." -- MSN
  • "Clear gauges with mostly logical controls. Corvette's available head-up display is useful and can be switched off." -- Consumer Guide
  • "Large gauges, simple controls (even on the optional navigation system)... make the Vette a sports car that's easy to live with on a day-to-day basis." -- Edmunds
  • "A handsome new Custom Leather-Wrapped Interior Package adds two-tone leather inserts to the dash and console area, a nice touch for those who prefer to customize their rides." -- Kelley Blue Book


The 2008 Corvette coupe affords 22.4 cubic feet of cargo space -- which is impressive for a luxury sports car. Even so, there is a lack of consensus on storage within the Corvette's cabin. While some reviews say it's inadequate, others find it plentiful.

  • "[T]here is a surprising amount of cargo room for a sports car. Two golf bags fit even in the convertible, although both the coupe and soft top have high cargo openings -- and the coupe has no partition between the cargo area and the cabin." -- Chicago Sun-Times
  • Cargo Room: "Great for a sports car. Both body styles have sufficient space for two golf bags, but liftover is high, and coupes lack a partition between cargo hold and cabin. Cockpit storage is minuscule." -- Consumer Guide
  • "[U]sable cupholders and massive cargo capacity...make the Vette a sports car that's easy to live with on a day-to-day basis." -- Edmunds
  • "There's quite a bit of luggage room beneath the rear hatch, and several little cubbyholes up front for change and cell phones, aside from the glove compartment and center console." -- Orlando Sentinel
  • "Trunk room is pretty good, but getting objects in or out of the high cargo opening can be a strain." -- MSN

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