The Cheapest V8 Cars on the Market in 2018

Toyota Tundra
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V8 Power for $45,000 or Less

For anyone who loves the unmistakable sound of a V8 engine, recent years have not been kind. Fewer and fewer vehicles offer V8s, either as an option or as standard equipment. Fortunately, the four- and six-cylinder engines that have displaced V8s in many vehicles generally combine good performance with improved fuel economy. Still, there is nothing quite like the sound and power of a V8.

On the following slides, we will look at every V8 car, SUV, and truck now available in the United States that comes with a sticker price of $45,000 or less. Only two, both pickups, offer this engine as standard equipment. In every other vehicle, it is an option.

As you look at the following slides, please remember that the scores on our site are updated constantly as new expert reviews and data become available. Therefore, the scores mentioned in this slideshow may not match the scores in our reviews.

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