11 Cheapest Lease Deals in May

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Check Out These Low-Cost Leases for May

Conventional wisdom says that it can be more expensive to buy a car in warmer weather. That’s because everybody wants a shiny new car for summer road trips or new post-graduation jobs. However, these dozen deals show that there are inexpensive leases to be found on a variety of vehicles this spring.

Several of these lease deals fall under $200 a month, including the 2019 Chevy Trax and 2019 Honda Civic. A few, like the 2019 Ford Fiesta, even have less than $2,000 due at signing. All of these vehicles are on the smaller side, but they make up for it with good gas mileage and, in some cases, advanced safety systems and upscale interiors.

Lease deals vary by region, so be sure to check with your local dealer to see if these deals are available where you live.

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