12 Cheapest Hybrid Cars in 2020

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Which Hybrid Cars Are the Least (And Most) Expensive?

Hybrid cars are often more expensive than their traditional gas-powered counterparts, but they’ll save you money at the pump. Aside from burning less fuel and being more environmentally friendly, hybrid vehicles provide several advantages over non-hybrids. 

Hybrids offer instant torque and regenerative braking, which sends energy back into the battery while helping to stop the car. Depending on how you drive, this could mean your hybrid’s regular friction brakes won’t wear out for a long time. Additionally, hybrids don’t idle like traditional cars, and they often allow you to use HOV (high-occupancy vehicle) lanes even when you’re driving alone. 

Due to inconsistent gas prices and the limited availability of hybrid vehicles, their resale value can be higher than that of non-hybrids. Lastly, since automakers charge a premium for hybrid vehicles, many come better-equipped than their traditional counterparts.

To help you make an educated buying decision, we’ve ranked every hybrid car available today, from the most expensive to the least expensive. The following pages contain information related to each hybrid car’s strengths, weaknesses, crash test results, predicted reliability rating, and standard features. In addition, we’ve included each hybrid’s U.S. News overall score and EPA combined city and highway fuel economy rating.

It’s important to note that we update our scores and rankings on a frequent basis as new data and expert research become available. So, the scores in this article may not match up with the scores in our rankings and individual vehicle reviews.

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