The Cheapest Electric Cars on the Market

2018 Ford Focus Electric
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2) 2018 Ford Focus Electric

$29,120 | U.S. News Overall Score: 8.7/10

The Ford Focus is available in a multitude of configurations. You can have the compact, economical sedan found in rental parking lots across the nation, or you can have the 350-horsepower rally car that makes tires hide in fear. But did you know you can also get it as an EV?

The Focus Electric has an all-electric range of 115 miles and gets a combined city/highway fuel economy estimate of 107 MPGe. The battery-electric powertrain offers 143 horsepower, which isn’t much, but gets the job done for most drivers.

The electric hatchback takes just over five and a half hours to be fully charged with a 240-volt outlet. If you use a household outlet (120-volts), it will take 20 hours.

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