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Here Is a Look at Every Crew Cab Truck, From the Least to Most Costly

There are many reasons pickup trucks are popular. They are rugged, can haul or tow just about anything a business or household will ever need to move, and they project an image no other vehicle can match. However, for a pickup truck to really make sense for a family, it has to have a crew cab, which expands the passenger space to accommodate five or six people. Passengers get in and out of crew cabs using four independently opening doors.

Full-size crew cab pickups have enough backseat legroom to rival the space and comfort of large cars. And, in their upper trim levels, they have interiors that would fit nicely in a luxury vehicle.

Crew cabs have become so popular that some trucks no longer offer a regular cab, though every pickup truck now sold in the United States can have a crew cab. On the following slides we will check out each one, and while some truck makers offer more than one four-door cab, Ram for example sells QuadCab and roomier CrewCab models, we will focus only on the larger of these offerings.

Be aware that when you decide on a crew cab truck you're more than likely stepping up a trim level. This means that, while the truck may be more expensive, you'll also be getting more features than you would on the base model.

As you look at the following slides, remember that our scores are constantly updated as new expert reviews and data become available, so the scores listed here may differ slightly from the scores you will find on our rankings pages.

Read on to see the cheapest crew cab pickup trucks.

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