37 Cheapest AWD Cars in 2019

2019 Hyundai Kona
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Get Ahead of Winter With the Most Affordable AWD Vehicles

A positive side effect of the crossover boom is a corresponding increase in the number of affordable vehicles that are available with all-wheel drive. By that, we mean vehicles that come standard with all-wheel drive or can be optioned with it, for less than $30,000. That doesn’t mean you’re necessarily stuck with a crossover, though. This list includes crossovers and SUVs aplenty, but there are a handful of cars and trucks, too. 

This list is arranged based on each vehicle’s price from most to least expensive, as equipped with all-wheel drive and an automatic transmission. In some cases, we’ve specified a trim level, which means that all-wheel drive is not available on the base model. 

There are a couple completely new entries since we compiled the 2018 list, and a bunch of last year’s vehicles have been updated or fully redesigned as well. So, if you’re back on the market in the coming months, it’s well worth a look. Keep in mind that the U.S. News overall score cited on each slide may not match those in our full reviews, since our reviews are periodically updated as new data becomes available.

Read on to see the cheapest all-wheel-drive vehicles on the market.

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