The 15 Cheapest 2017 Cars With Adaptive Cruise Control

Toyota Corolla
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Vehicles With the Latest Technology at Affordable Prices

As automakers continue to add and update active safety features, some are making these technologies available in entry-level models. Cruise control is arguably one of the automotive industry’s crown achievements. Adaptive cruise control takes the feature to a higher level, using lasers or radar to assess how close your car is to the car in front of you and then adjusting the throttle to maintain an appropriate or preset distance. The technology achieves all of this with no driver input.

The most difficult task for shoppers is figuring out which cars offer the technology and what trims, options, or packages are required to get it. Some packages require the addition of other packages, and certain packages only come in some trims. For these reasons, figuring out final pricing with the feature can be frustrating.

We have done the hard work for you. Aside from small cars and subcompact SUVs, we have also included some midsize cars, a compact SUV, and a few hybrids that offer the technology at a much cheaper price than their competitors. Click through to see the cheapest vehicles with adaptive cruise control. 

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