17 Cheapest Cars With Adaptive Cruise Control in 2018

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How to Get the Latest Safety Tech Without Going Broke

It hasn’t taken long for advanced safety technologies to move from something few people had heard of to a feature many are adding to their car shopping lists. Adaptive cruise control, or ACC, is one of those technologies that is more and more on people’s radar (pun intended).

Adaptive cruise control combines the cruise control you’ve been using for years with the sensors and computing power that new cars already have to create a safer, less stressful way to travel the highway.

Setting it is very similar to setting regular cruise control; you pick a speed and your car maintains that speed. But ACC adds a new twist: the sensors in your car keep track of the car ahead of you. If that car slows down a little (or sometimes a lot), so does your car. If it speeds up, so does your car – up to the speed you set. If there’s no car in front of you, you travel at whatever speed you set. And you can set your follow distance using a control on the steering wheel or in the dashboard, depending on your car’s layout.

Like lots of new technologies, adaptive cruise control was first available as an expensive option in expensive luxury cars. But it’s becoming more widely available on many affordable models, and some manufacturers are offering it as standard equipment. Read on to find out which models, trim levels, and packages have adaptive cruise control for less than $25,000 – or even less than $20,000 – all in.

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