23 Cheapest New Cars in 2019

2020 Hyundai Veloster
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The Cheapest Cars, What They Offer, and How They Rank

The average price of a new car has risen steadily for years. Naturally, those price increases mean a lot of people are looking for the cheapest car they can find. We created this list to help them.

Here, you’ll find the 23 cheapest new cars on the market, ranked by their base prices. We’ve set a limit of $20,000 for this article.

What can you expect from this group of vehicles? Well, a lot, actually. The rise in car prices has been driven partially by an increase in the number of features required by government regulation. These include things like rearview cameras and screens to show the images they capture.

New car price increases have also been driven by more expensive consumer tastes – you won’t find many cars with crank windows or manual locks anymore. As a result, most of the vehicles on this list are pretty well equipped, even at their base price. Touch screens, USB ports, and Bluetooth are all common.

The cheapest cars on the market remain mostly small sedans. However, as sedan sales fall and SUV sales rise, manufacturers are looking for ways to bring cheap SUVs to market, so you’ll see a few SUVs on this list.

A savvy car buyer knows that you pay a premium for a new car compared to a used one. For many, the extra money is worth it; they don’t have to worry about what previous owners did to the vehicle. If you’re still not sure whether a new or used car is right for you, check out our New vs. Used Car article.

To see the cheapest new cars on the market, read through the following slides.

(We list each vehicle’s current U.S. News score. Keep in mind that our scores are constantly updated as new expert reviews and data become available. Therefore, the scores mentioned in this article may not match the scores in our rankings and reviews.)

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