10 Cheapest Luxury Cars of 2017

2018 Infiniti Q50
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The Most Affordable New Luxury Cars on the Market

We all want to enjoy the finer things in life. It’s affording them that tends to be the problem.

Naturally, luxury auto brands know this, so most of them have one or two entry-level luxury vehicles, usually priced just a little above the range of their non-luxury counterparts. Consumers get to enjoy some luxury features and branding at a reasonable price, and manufacturers hope to create customers that will return to the brand again next time, perhaps at something above entry level.

Yet not every car with a luxury badge on it is a good car. Some affordable luxury cars, like the BMW 3 Series, are authentic automotive legends. Others aren’t much more than a nice badge and some extra chrome trim.

That’s why we’re here to sort this through for you. These are the cheapest luxury cars on the market today, but which ones are worth checking out, and which ones are best avoided?

We’ll show you the price and U.S. News overall score for each luxury vehicle, and explain the vehicle’s pros and cons based on the expert reviews and data that drive U.S. News new car rankings.

Keep in mind that our scores are updated constantly as new reviews and data become available, so the scores listed in this slideshow might not match the scores in our new car rankings and reviews.

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