12 Cheapest Luxury Cars and SUVs in 2020

2020 Audi A3
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Premium Vehicles With Reasonable Price Tags

In the past, luxury cars were often the largest cars on the road. Nowadays, high-end vehicles are available in all shapes and sizes. More automakers are coming out with smaller luxury vehicles that may be slighter than their classic counterparts, but still have all of the qualities that consumers look for in an upscale car.

This list showcases the 12 less exorbitantly-priced luxury vehicle options on the market today. While having a (relatively) reasonable price tag is just one characteristic of luxury vehicles on this list, they also feature high-end materials, good build quality, and a lengthy list of standard features.

Other than these qualities, vehicles on this list must have good U.S. News & World Report scores, which are based on a few factors: Performance, interior quality, safety, and predicted reliability. Some of the scores for a particular vehicle on this list might not match what’s on our website, as ratings are constantly being updated as new information comes out.

All of these vehicles have a starting prices under $35,400 for their base models, and feature a wide range of body styles – from subcompact SUVs to compact sedans.

We’ve ordered this list from most to least expensive, so click through to see which brand offers the most affordable luxury car.

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