9 Cheapest Electric Cars of 2016

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The Most Affordable Electric Cars of 2016

Electric vehicles can be some of the most affordable cars on the road today. However, one must be able to take advantage of federal and state incentives for that to be true.

The federal government offers a $2,500 tax deduction on a new electric vehicle plus another $417 per each kilowatt hour of battery capacity that exceeds five kilowatt hours.. Not all of the vehicles on our list here qualify, so we make sure to note that fact in our overview if the model doesn’t. Most states where EVs are promoted offer incentives as well, and they change frequently. Shoppers would be wise to speak to their tax preparer to ensure they qualify for the federal deduction, and to check with their state’s Department of Motor Vehicles for information on rebates.

Here is a rundown of the least expensive electric vehicles available today. Note that we are not sorting by lowest possible cost, but rather we take into account the vehicle’s popularity and availability in our sorting.

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