10 Cars With the Slowest Depreciation

Cars with the Least Depreciation, Nissan Versa
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2012 Nissan Versa

Depreciation: 33.3% or $4,878 off Original MSRP (Details Below)

You’ll notice a theme on this list, as cars generally fall into one of two categories: trucks and SUVs or small compact cars. As you may have guessed, the Nissan Versa falls into the latter camp. 2012 was the first year of the current-generation Versa.

A new Versa in 2012 cost $14,631, and frankly there’s not much more water to drain from that pool. Even with a price decrease of 33.3 percent, you’re only losing about $4,800 off the original price – down to $9,753. For that price, you still get a spacious cabin and trunk, but cheap materials. 

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