10 Cars With the Slowest Depreciation

Cars with the Least Depreciation
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What Cars Have the Best Resale Value?

Car ownership is seldom looked at an investment in an asset. Cars are driven, get dinged up, repaired, and driven some more. In that time, they become less valuable, and when you go to trade in or sell that vehicle, you learn the exact price of your time with it.

But not all car cars fall off a cliff in terms of value. In fact, some retain a good deal of value and only depreciate at a minimal rate (as automotive attrition goes).

A recent study from iSeeCars.com analyzed 9 million pre-owned vehicle sales in the last five years. Specifically, it compared the average sales prices to their current average pre-owned transaction price. If your car is on the following list, you have the benefit of a valuable asset if trading in for a new vehicle – or a car that’s worth holding on to! We've already seen what cars depreciate the fastest, now let's check out the 10 cars with the smallest rates of depreciation over five years.

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